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Monday, 04 June 2012


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Chris Juricich

Wow, sounds like you ran straight into a white man prejudiced view, as you report it. Very sorry for your experience. Being a 'puti' myself, and having constantly been surrounded by my 'little brown brothers' given that I'm married to a Filipina (born and raised there), I am a little more...understanding and patient, hopefully. Still-- a tough row to hoe. My only experience of being treated in a racist manner occurred during my years living in Japan, oddly because I was a gaijin (foreigner) and NOT Japanese. Again, maybe having a nisei aunt in the 1960s bringing sushi and rice to our mostly Nebraska corn-fed summer family reunions managed to inculcate even further understanding and patience as a young pre-teen.

Or maybe its just cause I live in Berkeley?

Anyway, your blog is interesting at times and I plan to come see it on occasion. Keep up the good work...whatever you're doing!


Amen, Jean. Thanks for adding your two cents...there is much history in plain sight for those open to it, right?


Wow. Over here,near Watsonville, there are lots of Latina/os running organic farms and selling their produce in the Farmers' markets. All you have to do is go to the Watsonville farmer's market on Fridays; but they also sell all around the Monterey Bay area. Guy doesn't know his history, and doesn't have eyes to see....

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