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Friday, 16 July 2010


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Kitchen Kwento

Thanks for all the adds, folks. I can almost imagine a summer spread of all soured, salted and tangy delicacies...


Yes, we do, with singkamas (jicama) and other bland fruits. Mexicans will pour good 'ol Tapatito on our adobo. Define fusion in a sentence? We dip santol, bayabas, kamias on salt. Thais sprinkle sugar-chili mix on same items. Seasoning is the name of our game. And if all else fails, mix fruit with fruit! They season each other, the "kapwa" of food!


hey, you were wondering if there were any stateside foods that were sweet fruits made savory...my partner said that her Mexican coworker eats cantaloupe with lemon and salt...


Perfectly unripe bananas on one scoop of ube, one scoop of rocky road.

Olivia S

who needs other unripe fruits when you can have green mango and bagoong. mmmm....


OMG -- my salivary glands are going crazy! I haven't had this since growing up on Kauai, which was a million years ago! My grandparents would also dry mangoes and make "mango preserves". This posting brings back so many wonderful memories!


"Perfectly unripe"...On my recent trip, a British artist and I agreed that we prefer the green-ish bananas better than the ripe ones. Then several people in the kitchen sort of mumbled in response, and it seemed we fell into camps: unripe, ripe, and mushy-ripe. Would be interesting to take a poll. And bananas in themselves...I am always having a moral dilemma about that fruit, so indispensable it seems to the American (and apparently, British) diet, yet no where close to local. Some of us are so hooked - we become where we feel something is missing if we don't have a banana every couple of days. If I don't eat a banana, will I get bruises on my legs? Are the fair trade ones or the organic ones better? Even if they're Dole?

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