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Sunday, 11 July 2010


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Kitchen Kwento

Mmmm, I can just imagine these dishes already. Sriracha on top, Jaime, yum!

And yes Kim, gotta give props to those Pangasinan roots, yea!? Or shall I say, "The Land of Salt."


yes, of course, you hail from Pangasinan, too! pinakbet, yes!!! i used to hate it but my mother's love for it finally caught on. now i crave it.

thank you for these posts


Again, my mom makes an eggplant dish with ground pork - it is so delicious, then we add sriracha on top! Magic! LOVE the dish you've made here - I want to try it!

Kitchen Kwento

Melo - tortang talong, one of my faves with Jufran or ketchup or sriracha! I didn't wanna reinvent the wheel so check out Burnt Lumpia's blog on it :)


I like the eggplant omelet...i can't remember what the filipino name is but the whole eggplant is still intact with the eggs on it.

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